Trading Plan for Feb-12-2020 – WORK

Big Picture SPY:

Even though, yesterday´s session was a sell off for SPY, after hours trading shows had held prices 335.37. Keep an eye on todays pre-market and opening to determine market direction. If SPY hold 335.92 most likely will turn looking for an uptrend, otherwise it will continue yesterdays downtrend. (So far, on the intraday chart 5 min, the downtrend is broken).


Intraday Fundamentals – WORK:

Beta: 0.00

ATR: 1.25

R.Vol: 2.26

Avg. Vol: 9.81M

Current Volume: 22.164.715

Short Float: 16.47%

Shares Outstanding: 542.24M

Institutional Ownership: 93.60%


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