Trading Plan for Jan-30-2020


Big Picture SPY:

Even though the market recovers from a sharp drop, The S&P 500 stumbled into the close yesterday. “News that the Fed is still increasing its balance sheet might be positive as many investors believe the liquidity somehow makes its way into the stock market helping to fuel the rally”

On the Daily Chart- though SPY made its way up opening at 328.38 couldn´t keep a positive day and fell into the close at 326.62 yesterday.

Intraday Fundamentals – TSLA:

Beta: 0.63

ATR: 25.77

R.Vol: 2.39

Avg. Vol: 11.99M

Current Volume: 28.677.379

Short Float: 18.43%

Shares Outstanding: 182.00M

Institutional Ownership: 58.50%

Technical Analysis – Weekly Chart – TSLA:

TSLA has gone nuclear on the Weekly chart, almost straight up with non-red weeks. In its way to go parabolic.


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