Trading Plan for Jan-22-2020 – AAXN


Big Picture SPY:

SPY still in an uptrend on the Daily Chart. All time highs. Strong market. We could say is a bit extended (14.56%) but we are not going to go against of the trend until the market shows us is weak.

SPY on the 30-MIN chart – Barely touched resistance at 33.05 on yesterday´s session. Prices is taking a break and holds between support at 330.82 and 332.18 resistance.

SPY on the 5-MIN chart – Pre-market – Makes at all time highs at 332.39.

Intraday Fundamentals – AAXN

Axon Enterprise, Inc. develops, manufactures, and sells conducted energy weapons (CEWs) worldwide. Axon has recouped much of its two day 11% drop triggered by news on Jan. Near to ATH.

Beta: 0.77

ATR: 2.21

R.Vol: 0.66

Avg. Vol: 763.73K

Current Volume: 509.065

Short Float: 14.83%

Shares Outstanding: 59.28M

Institutional Ownership: 90.30%

Technical Analysis – Daily Chart – AAXN:

Technical Analysis – 5-MIN – Chart – AAXN:

AAXN is getting close to a gap down zone ( due to news last Jan 3.) If breaks 75.55 price possible buyers are going to step up. (Look for prices to get long- Price target could be: 76.00 -76.10 – 76.50). Otherwise, If sellers takes control under 75.10 – Go short. (Price target: 74.70 -74.62)


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