Trading Plan for Jan-17-2020 – AMD


Big Picture SPY:

SPY still in an uptrend on the Daily Chart. All time highs. Strong market. We could say is up too much (16.84%) but we are not going to bet on that until the market shows us is weak.

SPY on the 30-MIN chart was testest at 329.45 support a few times – Strong support.

SPY on the 5-MIN chart – Pre-market – shows support at 331.44.

Intraday Fundamentals – AMD

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. operates as a semiconductor company worldwide. Semiconductors have seen a resurgence back into growth as the cyclicality of the segment is turning in its favor.

Beta: 3.10

ATR: 1.39

R.Vol: 1.07

Avg. Vol: 53.10M

Current Volume: 57.007.188

Short Float: 8.90%

Shares Outstanding: 1.13B

Institutional Ownership: 78.40%

Technical Analysis – Daily Chart – AMD:

Technical Analysis – 5-MIN – Chart – AMD:


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