Trading Plan for Jan-14-2020 – PGNY


Big Picture SPY:

SPY continues in an uptrend on the Daily Chart. All time highs.

Steady and strong uptrend.

SPY on the 30-MIN chart – Support at: 327.21 and closest support at: 327.61

So far, on Pre-Market is showing strengh. 327.21 Support was tested and prices bounced upward.

SPY on the 5-MIN chart – Yesterday was a strong day reaching all time highs at the close.

Yesterdays support at: 326.06

So far on Pre-Market has reached 328.69 – watch this price for a possible breakout (on high volume) otherwise be aware if the price cannot hold higher and bounce back to a lower price.

Price is still holding above VWAP.

Intraday Fundamentals – PGNY:

Progyny, Inc., a benefits management company, specializes in fertility and family building benefits solutions for employers in the United States.

Recent IPO already profitable, with six quarters of triple-digit sales growth.

Shares spiked 8.7% to 31.85 yesterday. PGNY is close to a buy point at 32.00. If PGNY stock holds above this price on high volume expect a move up.


ATR: 2.32

R.Vol: 1.80

Avg. Vol: 893.98K

Current Volume: 1.587.473

Short Float: 1.14% – 78.65M

Short Outstanding: 82.15M

Institutional Ownership: 68.80%

Technical Analysis – Daily Chart – PGNY:

Long Resistance: 32.00

Long Support: 27.39 – 29.22

3 times its volume if compared with day before.

Long green volume candle as well as price.

Technical Analysis – 5-MIN – Chart – PGNY:

So far, steady up move on the pre-market: 32.30

Closest support at: 30.75 – 31.30

If keeps holding 32.30 It´s a long

If sellers takes over at 32.30, expect a move back to 31.48

Trade Management – 15-MIN Chart – PGNY:

Price starts to hold over 33.37 with volume – Holding above VWAP. Downtrend broken.

Trade Management – 5-MIN Chart – PGNY:

At 10.15 AM buyers take control, downtrend is broken at 32.72. Long full size at 32.76 with stop at 32.71. Sold half size at 33.00 and 1/4 at 33.30 and the rest at 33.40

Trade Management – 2-MIN Chart – PGNY:

At 11.15 AM price is tested against VWAP for the 3rd time and bounce to the upside at 32.97 and starts a new intraday uptrend. Buy entry price at 33.03, stop at 32.92 or if VWAP is brokendown and holds below. Trade2hold. Sold half position at 34.00 and a 1/4 of my position at 34.54, and the rest at 35.00.


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